she is ok

A little girl
She doesn't know her father
She loses her mother
She looks for love and validation
        to fill the void
She finds boys.

A young woman
She splits her time between two cultures,
Two languages, two worlds.
        She looks for belonging
For home, for family
She finds cake.

A mother
She carries a heavy load
square on her back
She looks around for help
        Her anxiety growing
Her cuticles mutilated, her pants tight
She falls to her knees, she finally sees.

She belongs to herself
She is everything she ever wanted
Everything she ever needed
She fills herself with love and compassion for
The little girl
The young woman
The mother

And she steps out
Of the cage she put herself in
She purges herself
Of the energy she voluntarily consumed
        She frees herself
Of the lies she willingly believed
She breaks down the walls, brick by brick
And lets the feelings come in.

She knows she is ok. 


Musical Complement: She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles