collective purge

blood flows down to the river
down to the ocean
scars in the soul of the earth
ancestral mothers
        her daughter
and her daughter
and her daughter
        my flesh

she hears them coming
so she takes her babies and runs
they don’t know she holds the key
in the depths of her womb
in the softness of her hands
the warmth of her arms
        the soles of her feet

she works the magic of God with her hands
creation is her calling
soil under her fingernails
stardust in her hair
        children at her hip
wounds buried in her heart
hiding from those who see

a collective purge
like black flies coming out of her mouth
all the history stored in her DNA
let it all out
cleanse the pain
the earth heaves
her soul convulses

she rises and she rises and she rises too
the truth bubbling in her throat
who do you think you are?
i am she
i am worth the space i occupy
i am worth your attention
        i am worth the outrage
i am worth the healing